DEOS – Delivery Outsourcing Solutions

Our company is your number one partner in having your products delivered to your customers.

  • Custom Solutions

    We offer customizable delivery solutions for almost any type of business in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

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  • Flexible Pricing

    Have full control over the cost by designing a custom pricing scheme for your business with us.

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  • Be Superior

    Differentiate yourself from the competition by having your products delivered. Enjoy indisputable advantage while creating customer loyalty!

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  • Why Choosing to Deliver?

    Constant lack of time makes customers take decisions which contribute to saving it. Choosing to have products delivered plays a major role in that constant battle for time.
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  • Why Outsourcing Deliveries?

    Delivery is costly, difficult, and takes time. Money, energy and time spent not on the final product could potentially hurt its’ quality, which is strongly correlated to customers satisfaction and your profits.
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DEOS offers the most convenient and reliable delivery outsourcing solution in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

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