• Delivery Outsourcing

    Any business can now deliver with DEOS. Let us handle your existing deliveries or decide to start offering delivery to your clients with DEOS.

  • Courier Services

    Need a courier to deliver a package in Vancouver or Lower Mainland? DEOS offers instant 24/7 courier service.

  • Delivery Overflow

    Your business handles its own deliveries, but sometimes there is not enough time for all of them. We got you covered!

  • Fleet Management

    You have a fleet we can manage. Dispatch and organise your fleet with DEOS and every delivery will be on time.

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  • On-Demand Delivery

    For business who rarely deliver themselves and do not want to miss an opportunity, DEOS offers an on-demand delivery.

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  • Distribution

    Deliver to you retail locations with DEOS. Shipments of any size are welcome!

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